• Quantum annealing for machine learning
  • Entanglement properties in exactly solvable models in two dimension
  • Estimation of interactions between qubits
  • Phase transition in Potts model with invisible states
  • Network-growth rule dependence of fractal dimension
  • First-order phase transition in three-dimensional Heisenberg model with competing interactions
  • Second-order phase transition in two-dimensional Heisenberg model with competing interactions
  • Phase transition in triangular antiferromagnets with easy-axis anisotropy
  • Slow relaxation in geometrical frustrated systems without randomness
  • Dynamical properties of frustrated systems
  • Localization/Delocalization of wave function in helical magnets
  • Exact solution of random Ising spin system on ladder
    I studied the paper "Statistical Transfer Matrix of a Spin-Glass Ladder" [by D.C. Mattis and P. Paul, Physical Review Letters 83, 3733 (1999)], when I was a bachelor student at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Quantum Annealing for Dirichlet Process Mixture Models with Applications to Network Clustering
Jan. 7, 2014

Entanglement Behavior of 2D Quantum Models
Sep. 11, 2014

Unconventional phase transitions in frustrated systems
Mar. 29, 2014

Interlayer-Interaction Dependence of Latent Heat in the Heisenberg Model on a Stacked Triangular Lattice with Competing Interactions
Nov. 28, 2013

Network-Growth Rule Dependence of Fractal Dimension of Percolation Cluster on Square Lattice
Dec. 31, 2013

Second-Order Phase Transition in Heisenberg Model on Triangular Lattice with Competing Interactions
Dec. 30, 2013

Monte Carlo simulation of the Ising model
Mar. 1, 2014